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You are invited to be one of the first Dress CODETM customers to participate in the Dress CODETM pre-sale. This is an exclusive opportunity and we hope you love Dress CODETM!

At Dress CODETM we believe there is beauty in innovation and potential in everyone, we merge fashion and technology to inspire curiosity in computer science, coding and other STEM related disciplines for women and girls. 


Why Dress CODETM?

Female engagement in computer science training has declined by 50% over the last 20 years. Also tech jobs are going unfilled due to not enough skilled workers. By 2020 there will be 1.4m tech jobs in the US and only 30% of the US working population will be able to fill those jobs. 

Dress CODERS are what we call our users who can purchase bracelets that have strings of computer science code on them. The Dress CODER then takes that code and enters it on the Dress CODETM website to unlock learning modules and a social community with other Dress Coders.

The accessories are designed to be beautiful and sophisticated that we hope spark a conversation. Once purchased, the owner is encouraged to go to the Dress CODETM Website and explore learning modules that teach them how to code while building a community with other Dress CODERSTM.  The Dress CODETM learning platform should launch in late 2016.  How it works.

As one of the First Dress CODERs you will be able to give feedback on our learning platform as it is developed. 

Our Commitment:

5% of each sale will be donated back to further female education in computer science and STEM.


As a thank you for being one of our first customers we are offering pre-sale promotions.

  • $5 off with promotional code
  • $60 for I am Smart and Brave – promo code can be used as well
  • Full collection all 3 bracelets for $100 – promo code can be used as well
    • I am Smart
    • I am Brave
    • I am First (Random edition ONLY)

Promo Code: LAUNCH

Valid 7/26/16-8/15/16

All products will ship in in early fall. If for any reason we cannot produce our products in a timely manner you will be granted a full refund. Also if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund with in 30 days of delivery.